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“1974 Bjarte Haugland was born and raised in Haugland, Os Kommune, Norway. The son of an artist, Bjarte is a former professional freelance and proff photographer. Active since 1993, he has expertise in many techniques and the use of LR and Photoshop. He is also adept at utilizing dynamic range as the RAW format allows you to work with. Bjarte is a compassionate, happy soul with an eye for capturing great angles and the spirit of a moment. Always ready for a new photo project, his current aspirations include starting a small photography business. The business name is Bjarte foto.”

Written by Holly Dragoon.


Kontakt informasjon

Bjarte Løvaas Haugland

Adr:    Knutavegen 67, 5208 Os i Hordaland
Tlf:     92061554

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